About Zymo

Zymo is the light switch. the finger pointing. the whispering muse. the wind upon leaves. Zymo is our breathing put on paper.


zymo was created by three friends who had the dream of creating a social network that was a living and breathing part of the community. An analogue synthesis of all that humans dream into being.  


Zymo as a word is related to Fermentation..... we as artists are fermenting the world into digestible, bite-sized pieces of healthy edutainment. 

It is our intention to create a safe container for all artists and creatives to express themselves and their authentic paths. It is a gallery space, a meeting point, a mood board, a living mirror. WE want articles and interviews and comics and workshops and activism and healthy living to all come together into delicious salad for the senses.... A multimedia mecca, a reservoir of education and resources.  It is whatever we make it... the possibilities are endless. 

We have dreams of helping artists thrive... showcasing their work, making connections, building relationships, crossing bridges, gathering insights, relaxing deeper into the art. 

IF you are inspired by any of this. Please join us. please donate. Please spread the word.