Our modern, Digital world requires a paradigm shift of perception; where thinking, relationships, and values are systemic and nonlinear.

Image by USGS

This paradigm shift in Perception recognizes that the self-organizing universe and planet are integrated into human design processes.  

We seek to Explore the essential universal behaviors of self-organizing living systems, universe, and our planet as self-creating cognitive and intelligent systems, thinking relationships, and values.

Image by Tom Barrett

While also observing the Self-awareness process and development of linear perception -

the approximated model of universe and linear thinking, relationships. And values.

Image by Joyce McCown

We turn inwardly, Examining the body network as a metaphor of self-organizing living systems.

Exploring the challenges and solutions that we find within our own lives and bodies and applying them in creative and innovative ways.  

Image by Preston Goff
Image by Pedro Lastra

Expanding what we learn from our body network to other networks such as Earth ecologies and human society & economics.