Free Vector Image- Mysterium Cosmographicum

In the year 1596, Johannes Kepler published an astronomy book called Mysterium Cosmographicum in which he hypothesized that the orbits of the 6 known planets at that time exhibited the geometric qualities of the 5 Platonic Solids nested within one another with spheres enclosing them. Mysterium Cosmographicum means something to the effect of "The Secret of the Cosmos" and Kepler believed that the divine order behind the cosmos could be visualized in geometric simplicity. By the end of his life, he had learned that the solar system was not in fact ordered in this way, although I believe that this type of visualization and creative imagination is how so many geniuses of our ancestral lineage have obtained strokes of insight. To this day, Kepler is known for his laws of planetary motion, which he discovered after years of digesting the Mysterium Cosmographicum. Science and Spirituality are so intimately connected, helping us to visualize the order of the universe, through our own inner ordering.

The outer sphere that holds the Cube represents the orbit of Saturn. The next sphere holding the Tetrahedron is Jupiter. The next sphere holding the Dodecahedron is Mars. The next one holding the Icosahedron is Earth. The next one holding the Octahedron is Venus and the one inside the octahedron is Mercury. The sun is at the center of all of it.

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