This course and its elements are being developed.

Funding and support are greatly appreciated. 


Modern, artistic exploration of

Synergetics and Design Science. 

Hundreds of Full-color graphics.


A complete course in Synergetics that distills the 50 years of growth in the field into a physical journey of a book.



A quarterly that Harvests material from Syn-U events and courses and distills them into a "ZINE" that showcases the design scientists and anticipatory thinkers of our modern era.

Collaborates with artists and educators to bring big ideas to the forefront of our societies consideration.


Working with sponsors and benefactors that support the artists, educators, and Syn-U


Ecologically considerate production and materials. Working with sustainable Innovators in printing.


great circles
great circles of the platonic solids
Great circles of the Icosahedron
Great Circles of the Icosahedron
5 octahedra compound
Tetrahedrons Defining Dodecahedron
tetrahedron, octahedron, rhombus
Isotropic Vector Matrix
IVM (Isotropic Vector Matrix)
Phi polyhedra relationships
Rhombic Hexecontahedron
Truncating the Octahedron
Truncated Tetrahedron
Star Walker
The Stillness Of Equilibrium
Golden Icos
Spiral Tongues Speak Golden Meanings
Sierpenski Summer
Seed from Shells Risen
Harmonic Spheres
5 and 6 Mating
Spiral Life
Vector Equilibrium
Sipping From Moonlit Waters
The Living Landscape
The Arc of Light
Isotropic Snowflake
The Precipice

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Filling allspace with the Rhombic Dodecahedron