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Casey House

Synergy means the behavior of whole systems unpredicted by the behavior of the parts individually. As an individual in an organization, Casey House recognizes the importance of building relationships of integrity that produce results greater than the sum of the parts. Casey creates both digital and physical assets that bring individuals and organizations closer to their intentions and goals. His skills in photo/video, graphic design, curriculum design, consideration, and his willingness to travel make him a great partner for any organization or individual looking to build a more considerate and regenerative world.


- Hiatus Kayote
- Nadishana
- Ali Farka Toure
- Dhafer Youssef
- Bonobo

- Kardashev
- Igorrr
- Ne Obliviscarus
- Der Weg Einer Freiheit
- Wÿntër Ärvń
- Gaerea

- All Shall Perish (POE)
- Bon Iver
- Emancipator
- Rodrigo y Gabriela
- Bright Eyes
- Iron And Wine
- Jaya Raise

- Killah Priest
- Kalpataru Tree


- Buckminster Fuller
- Rudolf Steiner
- John Michell
- Keith Critchlow
- Rafael Araujo
- Wenzel Jamnitzer
- Paul Laffoley
- Daniel Martin Diaz
- Vincent Fink
- Kenneth Snelson
- Nassim Haramein
- Bret Victor
- Neri Oxman
- Chris Do

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