Casey House: Guitar , Vocals , Midi Instruments

Finn juhl : Accordian , Qanun

Jaya raise : Production , beats, Mixing , Mastering

Instrumental Electronic music Featuring Guitar, Accordian, and Qanun. 

The living Library is music written and recorded by Casey House in collaboration with Finn Juhl and Jaya Raise. Casey created this debut album as a concept album that loosely took influence from his favorite books, This is an around the world collaboration - Finn being in Germany and Casey and jaya being iN Oregon. 


The name "THe Living Library" Comes from a vision of the akasha, the record of all that has transpired in our universe. This metaphysical record is recapitulated in our daily lives ; each human being and every event being a doorway into a catalog of the infinite.... living libraries of wisdom. This album is an isle in the library, each song a book, each book read by a unique perspective, each perspective informed by the entire library. 

Library Catalog (click titles to buy books)

1. Intro - Voice Sample of A.j.a.

2. Quadrivium - Wooden Books

3. Synergetics - Buckminster Fuller

(Voice Sample of Buckminster fuller)

4. Egyptian Myths and Mysteries - Rudolf Steiner

(Voice sample of Dale Brunsvold

5. The Prophet - Kahlil Gibran

(voice sample of Casey House)

6. LEtters To a Young Poet - Rainer Maria Rilke

(voice Sample by Gina Merritt)

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