The name "THe Living Library" Comes from a vision of the akasha, the record of all that has transpired in our universe. This metaphysical record is recapitulated in our daily lives ; each human being and every event being a doorway into a catalog of the infinite.... living libraries of wisdom. This album is an isle in the library, each song a book, each book read by a unique perspective, each perspective informed by the entire library. 

Casey House: Guitar , Vocals , Midi Instruments

Finn juhl : Accordian , Qanun

Jaya raise : Production , beats, Mixing , Mastering

Library Catalog (click titles to buy books)

1. Intro - Voice Sample of A.j.a.

2. Quadrivium - Wooden Books

3. Synergetics - Buckminster Fuller

(Voice Sample of Buckminster fuller)

4. Egyptian Myths and Mysteries - Rudolf Steiner

(Voice sample of Dale Brunsvold

5. The Prophet - Kahlil Gibran

(voice sample of Casey House)

6. LEtters To a Young Poet - Rainer Maria Rilke

(voice Sample by Gina Merritt)