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“I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process – an integral function of the universe.”

― Richard Buckminster Fuller

Vector Equilibrium, Cuboctahedron, Buckminster Fuller


Is a multi-media education experience in Design Science, Synergetics, and the works of Buckminster Fuller. 


We facilitate conversations and educational experiences that catalyze humanity's intelligent and considerate participation in Earth's ecosystems.

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Buckminster Fuller, Geoemtry, Tensegrity


"Bucky" had a lifelong interest in modeling nature's coordinating system and creating a comprehensive design revolution in service to a world that works for

100% of all life.


His books Synergetics 1 & 2 are regarded by many as two of the most important books of the last century and yet they have become increasingly hard to find in any library or book store. 

With this in mind,  Syn-U builds necessary bridges into the study of Synergetics and translates the important work into modern and youthful assets for learning. 



Richard Buckminster Fuller

Architect, Inventor, Polymath, Designer


Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel
Image by Kianakali

"synergy means behavior of whole systems unpredicted by any part of the system as considered only separately"

"Nature's coordinate system is called Synergetics"


Is a comprehensive approach to design that models Nature's integrity patterns and studies the generalized principles of life in Universe. 

Buckminster Fuller's books Synergetics 1 & 2  span nearly 1500 pages, written in a "bucky" language that most people have a hard time understanding.  Through geometric diagrams, eclectic prose, and scientific rigor - Bucky encourages us to consider the idea that we could generate progressively more life support while using progressively less resources by operating in accordance with nature's efficient design parameters. 

​"For Fuller, nature is the most exquisite technology we know; and what underlies all of his work is the quest to uncover nature’s fundamental principles― in order to foster their manifestation as a pattern integrity 'for successfully regenerating all life aboard our planetary spaceship.'"


–Jaime Lawrence Snyder

Synergetics is an excercise in identifying nature's generalized principles -  the always true axioms of design that we are surrounded by in the natural world. 

"The physical Universe is a self-regenerative process. Its regenerative interrelationships and intertransformings are governed by a complex code of weightless, generalized principles."

-RBF "Synergetics" 220.05

Fig. 322 Aulonia Hexagona
Image by Timothée Duran
Spheres forming a Tetrahedron, Synergetics, Buckminster Fuller


Four  equi-radius balls roll around one another until they nestle into one another. all four spheres touch every other one  simultaneously.  The shape that arises when you connect the centers of these spheres while nestled like this is known as the Tetrahedron. The tetrahedron has four vertexes, four triangular faces, and six relationship (edge) vectors. 

Integrity achieved through triangulation. Circle Packing collapses into omnitriangulation.

The triangle is the only fixed-edge polygon that doesn't collapse, all other polygons collapse into states of triangulation. The triangle is a primary model of integrity. 

The Tetrahedron, with its 4 triangle faces, is our simplest polyhedral model of integrity. There is nothing that has an inside and an outside that is simpler than a tetrahedron. 

Bucky brings us on a journey of grand proportions Using this fundamental design axiom -  showing geometric inter-accommodations, transformations, and patterns that can be used not only to design but to completely change the way we see the living world. 

This may seem insignificant in its implications for bringing about a regenerative future, although it is exactly this type of thinking that led Bucky to innovate and elucidate novel design artifacts that have shaped our world and continually find application in unexpected ways.

The fields of Biology, Crystallography, Physics, biomimicry, and Technology are just a few of the fields that benefit from this return to modelability - Artists, designers, scientists and musicians of every kind can find useful tools in this approach.  Geodesic Domes, Tensegrity Structures, The Octet Truss, and many more artifacts of our modern world are a direct result of designers and engineers exploring the world of synergy. 

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Synergetics University facilitatates four spheres of education that form a stable integrity pattern; a tetrahedron of learning. 

These four offerings are:


Online Course


and Resource library. 

tetrahedron of learning, Synergetics Unversity Structure


Modern, artistic exploration of

Synergetics and Design Science. 

Hundreds of Full-color graphics.


A complete course in Synergetics that distills the 50 years of growth in the field into a physical journey of a book.



a 24-module education course on design science, living systems principles, biomimicry, Geometry, and synergy. Featuring live and curated content in collaboration with the world's leading Regenerative innovation pioneers. 

Tetrahedron, A quanta module of Synergetics highlighted


Prints, Apparel, Toys, Etc. 

Bringing a culture of synergy back into physical spaces and giving people a tangible and artistic experience of what harmonic relationships feel like. A culture of learning.


Resource Library

An online database of digital assets related to Synergetics. Vector and raster graphics, PDF books, & videos.


 Downloadable content is all public domain and free to share.

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